The way to the Future
Until recently river sand was the only kind of sand for construction activities, since it was very economical & abundantly available. But these days it's very difficult to get good quality sand at short distances from developing cities, due to over-utilization of resources in the recent years.

The phenomenal growth in construction industry over the last decade has contributed to a wide gap between the supply & demand of natural sand. In the process a lot of damage also has been done to eco-systems by dredging sand from river beds leading to the depletion of ground water levels in the various parts of the country.

This situation created a great need for manufactured sand as a replacement for river sand. Across the world there is a growing support for the use of manufactured sand, especially in the production of concrete. Structural Engineers & Construction Technologists highly recommend manufactured sand for its perfect Particle Shape, Consistent Gradation and Zero Impurities. This sand also eliminates other constraints of river sand like availability & price fluctuation.

This is the future of sand, as we know it. Welcome to the future.
Why not River Sand?
Sand mining from rivers causes erosion and turbidity. It changes the course of the river channel, physical habitat and food web thereby upsetting the balance of the ecosystem.
Why Crystal Sand?
Crystal Sand, a green product, is the perfect alternative to river sand. It gives denser concrete mix and stronger constructions. It is best according to “Vastu-Shastra” as well.
How are we different?
The vision of Crystal Sand is to give you dust-free fine aggregate and innovative mix of materials to help you build reliable, sturdy and effective structures.
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